Did Stevie G sell Willem II & UEFA a massive dummy?

Did Stevie G sell Willem II & UEFA a massive dummy?
A fine team they make....

Steven Gerrard may have fed both Willem II and the whole of Europe an extraordinary dummy after his team sheet for the night revealed a mashed-up Rangers.

The manager, known for his excellent Rangers displays and astonishing ‘giant-killing’ feats throughout his time at Ibrox, announced his team the perfunctory 75 minutes before kick off, but when media outlets such as Sky, FlashScore and others revealed the setup, well, it was miles off, and it would have been what our opponents and the whole of Europe took to be the formation.

Arfield was up front, Kent was in defensive midfield as was Morelos and Kamara was left back.

Surely Adrie Koster would have done his homework, and seen for himself Rangers’ setup, but this pre-match confirmation of how Gerrard’s men were going to line up was adopted by all, including UEFA themselves who presented the same lineup and shape minutes before the match started.

This seemed too big a ‘glitch’ to just be a mistake – every single outlet, FlashScore, Livescore, Sky, UEFA and all the betting channels corroborated this and as you’ll see from the included pic, Rangers shape up nothing like that.

As Gerrard and his men stormed to a 0-4 win, it may just be our manager has sold everyone a colossal dummy and some clever mind games off the pitch aided a wonderful win on it.

If it was so, very well played sir.

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  1. I think this result roves SG’s ability as a manager . In Europe he got it as a player and it’s the same as a manager. I wish the Scottish cloggers and System would let us play cause with this kind of impetus we would be unstoppable.

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