“Another Umar Sadiq” – are fans correct on Stevie signing?

“Another Umar Sadiq” – are fans correct on Stevie signing?
A fine team they make....

We were curious recently to see one Rangers fan refer to Cedric Itten as another ‘Umar Sadiq’.

We were harshly critical of the Swiss striker when he first joined, with a clumsy touch and no apparent bearings on the pitch at all.

And with Steven Gerrard barely touching him since his return to fitness over a week ago, instead opting for Alfredo Morelos, we start to wonder why exactly we brought in this forward.

This isn’t a hate piece, we don’t know Itten, and can only judge him on fleeting cameos, but so far our manager has barely elected to use him, with just one start since his arrival, four sub appearances and one other bench appearance without being used.

Naturally, it’s extremely early days, and those with long memories will know Morelos himself started slightly slowly, drawing three blanks before hitting a brace at Dunfermline, so it’s not the end of the world.

But Morelos was starting, every match. Itten has been used in just one match, and has been a sub otherwise.

Is he a flop signing? He’s a strange signing. We don’t know why our manager chose him over Lyndon Dykes (who’s taken his SPL form into the Championship with 2 goals in 2 outings, incidentally) and the kid doesn’t look like he fits yet.

Of course there’s time. There’s always time (or is there, 9.5IAR/55 are on the line here). But Rangers’ options up front aren’t really that inspiring, in truth.

Morelos wants to leave, we don’t know yet if we can rely on Kemar Roofe, Defoe is aging, and of course Itten hasn’t settled.

Umar Sadiq?

You tell us.

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  1. Early days and I hope I am wrong but I think we have 2 Umar Sadiq’s in Itten and Roofe. Roofe can’t finish 90 mins and with De Foe injury prone and Morelos on his way out we will have really scoring problems soon. We have missed a trick with young Dykes and also playing Barjona up there too, would be a better option as they know the scottish game and the crap plastic pitches some teams have.

  2. I think the big man will come good but I’d be reluctant to let Alfie leave at the moment regardless of the big bucks unless there is a plan to replace him with a zero injury history proven goal scorer. Defoe, Roofe and Itten have all been injured this season already which doesn’t bode well for rest of it. Buff on the other hand, had a hole ripped out his leg and banged in 3 goals in throighout the following week. Man is a machine but hard to think of a like for like replacement that wouldn’t cost upwards of what we’ll get for him.

  3. A bit unfair to judge this early. A few early signs may not be great but even greats like McCoist and Hately took a while to settle. Incidentally Dykes HAS scored 2 in 2 but I think they were both penalties. Even I could score 2 penalties. That doesn’t make me a good striker.

  4. Ittens crap roofe is crocked another waste of cash,when buff goes so does 55 ffs
    And we out europe the mora nite with that weak defence,imps should have scored 3

    • “Bennyloyal” you’ve obviously been watching eastenders more than the Gers and talking a load of c**p. “weak defence”?? we’ve only just conceded our first goals this season against a very good team. and if your going by what goes should have been scored then we should have scored 20 every game. I think we can all smell what side you are really from

  5. I must admit to being an Itten doubter , he looks like an odd individual for Scottish football. I was so keen on Dykes and think it was a big mistake especially given that Alfredo will leave . Roofe I do hope will come good , he does look a player. But to compare Itten with Sadiq is an interesting comparison , Sadiq is now wanted by a few Italian top sides. Let’s see if SG and his team can get the best of him .

  6. I’m not sure about the two player ittens and roofe so far I’ve not seen anything special but as previously said others have taken a while to settle and Morelos has been quite special but now not scoring as freely due to attention he gets and lack of protection from officials we need a hard man like tom Forsyth to battle in midfield and striker like hately to help Morelos

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