The truth about Greg Docherty & Ross McCrorie?

The truth about Greg Docherty & Ross McCrorie?
This might be why he's gone....

Ibrox Noise readers will be aware we’re big fans of Greg Docherty, but we’ve always been open minded, and in an alternative view there’s a much bigger picture and reason behind decisions like these and fans don’t get to see the whole package behind these calls.

There’s much more to it than we see. Steven Gerrard has a whole team of staff assessing every player… application, tactical awareness, coachability, team dynamics, ethics, lifestyle, relationships, salary, contract requirements, market value, sell-on profit, positional flexibility and much more.

There’s a lot of comparisons being made between Joe Aribo and Docherty but the defining factor and decision is probably down to the fact that if Aribo has a consistent season he will net the club around £10 million+, but if Docherty had a consistent season we’d be lucky to get £2 million for him.

It’s an easy business decision. Ross McCrorie is exactly the same – have a look at the interested clubs and the one he eventually signed for. He’d have to raise his game 10 fold to get at a level where his sell on value becomes worthwhile for the club and in comparison to, for example, a Hagi, we know if he has a good run of games and hits decent form in Europe his value will to the club will be enormous.

Unfortunately, that’s modern football and it’s much more thought-out than a simple comparison between an average player, an ok player and a good player. That’s why we are seeing more and more of these director of football roles because they have to analyse the bigger picture and look at markets, strategies and the whole package.

Basically you keep the players who will become the most valuable to your club in the long run in the most important areas, and it’s not just who is the best player.

Another example is Glen Kamara – an international, from Arsenal, signed at minimal cost, and while he’s not a fan-favourite his value to the club is high because he ticks a number of key boxes.

And that’s why he stays and Ross McCrorie doesn’t.

Football. A cynical old business.

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  1. Your article about Docherty and McCrorie is very true but if we look at the great sides that won trophies and titles they all had workhorses in the side, the guy’s that make space for the so called superstars, the grafters and ball winners John Brown, Stuart McCall, Graham Roberts, Ian Ferguson……..and many more that could be mentioned.

    • We don’t play that way anymore. That’s a rigid 4-4-2 that needed midfield powerhouses to allow the creative players to create. We have 2 centre-backs and 1 of the 2 holding midfielders that now cover that role slightly deeper. A 4-3-3 is a creative shape and 2 of the midfield 3 and 2 of the front 3 are the attacking creative players. Adding in another ball-winner breaks the whole thing down. Have you watched recent games? A powerhouse ball winning midfielder is exactly what we don’t need.

  2. I do not know whether your analysis is the reason behind SG’s decision, but it is certainly possible and a rationale explanation.
    However, if true, it is why they are wrong to lose those two players. IF you are correct, and we accept that like every team except Real Madrid and Barcelona we are a selling club, then you have to have a framework on which to hang your “selling” players. If you lose a whole team to other clubs, not matter how well you buy you are not going to have the cohesive unit you need to win the next season’s league.
    A spine of players who are just as good, will not realise a great profit but are hardcore Rangers fans and will not agitate for a move, is surely the framework you build a solid team that can develop the “stars” who will be sold for big profits.
    I almost hope you are wrong, because if you are right it displays a very shortsighted view by management.
    As I have said before there is a significant chance that in 12 months time Ryan Jack is our only midfield player. How does our team gel for the 2021/22 league season and hopefully a Champions League tilt whilst playing with midfielders who have only just met?
    Like I say, I hope you are wrong but fear you are right

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