The end of Alfredo Morelos

The end of Alfredo Morelos
He is probably as bemused as we are....

One thing is abundantly clear – Alfredo Morelos has to be finished at Ibrox. We’re fed up with the sight of him, we’re fed up with his disgusting attitude this calendar year, and Steven Gerrard has now dumped him from the first team squad, with yesterday’s performance and result showing there’s certainly life after the toxic one.

We once received an email from a regular who suggested he knew we had doubts about the Colombian but he hoped we’d be magnanimous enough to do a dignified and honourable write-up when he left.

With all due respect, **** that.

Morelos’ conduct this year has been deplorable, and amidst rumours he and Stevie had a falling out, his axing from the squad, his desperation to leave (since January 2018) makes him probably the least likeable Rangers player for a long, long time.

And now the manager has had enough and he’s been absolutely scathing about his former star. Gerrard had no qualms this time dropping him, stating clearly his head has gone and he doesn’t want to play for Rangers any more.

That he only wants players that do, and Morelos no longer fits that category. In truth he never really did but it’s really coming out now.

The big problem Rangers have is the more petulant Morelos gets, the poorer his attitude, the more it might hurt his value, but there’s a counter bonus to this:

He’s tied to us for years, so even if we dump him to the reserves for eternity, it will still take big money for a Lille or whoever to sign him. We’re not going to lose much on this, and we hold all the cards. Play hardball, Rangers.

Ibrox Noise announcement: we’ve never liked Alfredo Morelos, and we make no apology for that. His attitude from the word go was poor, and while his form was at times superb, verging on world class, the fact he never committed to us nor ever looked happy while frequently costing his club with red cards just got our backs up.

His defenders say look at the vile abuse he had to put up with, the racism. And they’re not entirely wrong. But strange how he’s the only black player at our club to put up with that, and we have many. Don’t hear too many reports of abuse at Kamara, Aribo or Tavernier, do we? None at Coulibaly, Ejaria, Sadiq or Ojo.

Morelos was his own worst enemy, and we don’t support him. We rarely say that about any Rangers player, in fact, we’ve never said it about any Rangers player, but we make an exception for him.

And now that we can win comfortably without him (just like we did repeatedly in 2019 with the split, remember) we feel safe in having other players who will clearly fight for the shirt and speak in the press about being happy here.

We don’t want to see him in the shirt again and would find it very hard to back him if there was ever a change of heart.

It’s time for him to go.

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  1. Sad to say but now I totally agree with your comments . He needs to go because it’s becoming toxic and we need everyone pulling in the same direction. Since our old firm win before Xmas 2019, although being on the pitch, he hasn’t kicked a ball for us. Even that day he managed to get sent off when to me it seemed easier to score. Appalling attitude, no motivation, always petulant and it’s clear he doesn’t want to be here. Like many bears I put up with him thinking it turn around but it’s clear it won’t- enough is enough. SELL ASAP.

  2. I’m not of the dislike Morelos party, if it wasn’t for his goals we would have looked a lot worse over the past few years and Stevie G may have been out a job, sure the guy wants to leave to boost his wages and better his career, so let’s thank him for his service and wish him all the best, we were, we are, and always will be Rangers and should always support whoever pulls on the jersey.

  3. Don’t believe how anyone who ain’t a psycho can switch personalities.

    Go away Alfredo, you decieved many of us.

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