“The door’s that way” – an Ibrox Noise statement

“The door’s that way” – an Ibrox Noise statement
The Hallowed Turf

We received a very interesting email yesterday, suggesting that the comments and views on our page were ‘alien’ to the majority of Rangers fans.

This, despite our audience of thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions growing all the time, and plenty of endorsement in there of what we have to say, as well as disagreements, of course.

We listen to both sides, drawing the line at abuse, and like to think we allow all views to come through.

And that’s what this piece is for – if you want blind support, completely unquestioning fandom and pure faith, Ibrox Noise is not for you.

There are many other sites and FB pages out there that will cater for your needs.

On the other hand, we’re proud to be a bit different.

We say the things we feel, both positive and negative, and we provide a refuge for the supporters who want to be able to criticise and praise without being labelled as frauds or tims.

Sure, they will get called that a lot on our platform anyway, as we do ourselves, but they’re allowed to say what they think, and give back as good as they get.

We don’t take sides, but we do want all sides heard – and we consider ourselves an honest site who says what we deem the truth, both good and bad, and if you don’t like that, well, tough.

If the truth or criticism is ‘alien’ to Rangers fans, then we despair, frankly. We respect your opinion, but platitudes like ‘back the manager’, or ‘in Stevie we trust’ etc don’t do enough for us.

We need critical reasoning behind that, we need to discuss these issues in depth, and we make no apology for wanting the best for our team, be it managed by Stevie or not.

That’s why we and many of our readers are not afraid to be honest, to be critical, to be overjoyed, to be in the middle – all range of emotions and views.

Will you get constant unconditional blind support on Ibrox Noise? No. You won’t. You will get fans who love their team and just want us to be the best, and we’ll say whatever we want on the path to getting there.

Whatever it takes.

And if you don’t like that, the door’s that way.

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