Passive, not aggressive as Gerrard stands by

Passive, not aggressive as Gerrard stands by
He just wasn't a fan!

After yesterday’s pretty painful dropping of two points at lowly Livi, there is much to chew through following such an unneeded slip up, but one thing we noticed at Almondvale once the chips were down was just how sedate manager Steven Gerrard was.

We mentioned this on our social media channels, why was he being so passive and not expressive or aggressive.

A few folk mocked us with the ‘so you can only be a good manager if you scream’ etc, but one reply really got our attention:

He WAS like that with Liverpool.

When the chips were down, as Liverpool captain Gerrard was the growling inspiring hero who hauled his stumbling Liverpool team back from big losses and roared his way to a win.

He was the epitome of the shouty, yelly, Barry Ferguson-style leader who never let anyone off the hook and dragged them by their collars if need be.

Yet, when the chips are down, as Rangers manager, he is extremely passive, considered, and calm.

Now, many would argue you don’t need to be otherwise to get your message across, and that is true, to an extent. But some of the great managers are the most vocal and passionate on the sidelines, the Mourinhos, Contes, Simeones and SAF himself back in the day – these guys didn’t sit back while their teams were losing or drawing, they all had their own hairdryer or impassioned response on the touchline.

And the sight of your manager losing his sh*t for the team simply inspired his players – Conte’s Juve, Mourinho’s Chelsea and Porto, Simeone’s Atletico and of course SAF’s Man Utd all played with the same passion their manager presented.

Now, that doesn’t always have to be the case, but the one repeating factor when the chips at Ibrox are down is that Gerrard’s flaccid nature doesn’t exactly get the players going much – and yet he did get his players going as captain with Liverpool.

We don’t know why he’s changed so much, but maybe the guy just literally needs to start shouting and showing his players he cares as much as us fans do.

Just a thought.

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  1. Aye but the whole watching audience didn’t used hear what they were shouting, you seen holt getting booked because of one of his coaches going aff their head, everything can be heard, what you think their language to gee up the players were like, wouldn’t last 5 mins on the bench if they went on like the do when fans are there, just a thought man! WATPĹ

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