Senior Rangers man reveals there’s been a big change

Senior Rangers man reveals there’s been a big change
He's played a big role.... (Photo by Martin Meissner / POOL / AFP) (Photo by MARTIN MEISSNER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers’ assistant coach, and in many ways, the real brains behind Rangers’ strong start to this season, Michael Beale, has revealed that Rangers have made some significant but covert changes to the system this campaign, and that’s a major reason for the performance and result improvements.

The former Liverpool coach was speaking about Rangers’ displays this season, and explained that the improvement in results, especially the statistical improvement, was down to some tweaks in system, style and formation.

“Players give you options – that’s the biggest thing, and sometimes you have a squad where you don’t have enough options in the building and certain players have come in the building and given us more options. This season in general, we have played completely differently to last year, but it’s maybe not always visible on the eye to maybe people on the outside. But the way the team is set up this year is completely different. Joe Aribo is a big part of that, and him being missing for the last two games has given other people an opportunity and they have stood up and taken it.”

Beale might think fans have not noticed the difference, but we have. Width is no longer provided by wingers, it’s all from the fullbacks, with almost all crosses coming from them. And the front three isn’t a front three any more, it’s a clear front four, with three attackers supporting one striker.

There are more, but Beale, the brainchild behind the change, has not only altered the formation and how Rangers play, but how players are thinking.

We’re seeing far more link play, far more interchange, and much more work being done with swapping positions – players no longer stick to one slot, but all of them are swapping with others to confuse opponents.

And as Beale says, a major part of that has been building around Joe Aribo and his excellent form.

Of course, he’s been missing lately, but others have taken the weight and done well.

And that’s the point about having a deeper squad.

But the new dynamic altered system is definitely having a major impact, and long may it continue.

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  1. I have been saying for long enough that we play 4-2-3-1, but we are now admitting that the back 4 is 2CBs and 2CDMs. So it is effectively 2-2-2-3-1
    Tav and Barisic are our wingers with 2 inside forwards and a No 10.
    Some people moan about 2 CDMs but they are effectively more part of the defence than the wingbacks. Who do a hell of a lot of running, by the way. I believe they are both in the top 3 for defensive tackles, blocks and interceptions while also right up there for crosses and assists.

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