Media with Morelos/Edouard farce, almost unbelievable

Media with Morelos/Edouard farce, almost unbelievable
Copy one to the other....

Don’t worry, this isn’t an article about Celtic, or about Edouard, but about the comically lazy Scottish press who have regurgitated years of Alfredo Morelos press and just changed the name and photo.

After Celtic’s latest dismal Champions League exit, their star striker basically wants to leave – he’s meeting his representatives to discuss his options. Fair enough, we don’t really care what he does or doesn’t do.

But the Scottish press have copy/pasted the Morelos stories and now just applied them to the French Guinian forward.

‘6-team PL bidding war’ blah blah blah.

We were curious to see what PL teams were moving for him and had to laugh when it was an identikit copy of those who want/wanted Morelos:

Everton, Newcastle, Palace, Leicester, Villa and Leeds.

We’re only shocked the obligatory West Ham weren’t mentioned in there too.

Our point – don’t believe a bloody word this Scottish press tell you – they have literally stolen all the Morelos stuff, copied it over word for word, and just changed the labels Rangers and Morelos to Celtic and Edouard, while flipping over the photo from blue to green.

It’s comical lazy and pathetic journalism and while the striker may want away just like his Colombian counterpart, the gutter press really have not an ounce of originality.


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