Morelos to Marseille – a loan deal will work for Rangers?

Morelos to Marseille – a loan deal will work for Rangers?
Morelos in training (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

As some Rangers fans will know, Marseille have swooped in for Alfredo Morelos again, only this time they want him on a loan.

Now, before you froth at the gills and tell them to get to f***, hear me out:

Alfredo Morelos has downed tools for 8 months. He hasn’t kicked a ball in anger since his energetic display at Parkhead last year, and his attitude for this club is up there as one of the worst we’ve ever seen at the club.

In short, this kid is toxic, and he’s not exactly looking lucrative to other clubs.

Lille have reportedly bid €20M but Rangers appear to want more; either that or the bid did indeed stay at €16.5M and Rangers definitely want more.

But the reality is the bidding war we expected from multiple clubs hasn’t materialised, because Morelos’ behaviour and attitude have been so bad.

It’s never a good sight to see a player down tools and go to war with his club, it really puts suitors off – “if he can do it to them, he can do it to us.”

Morelos has been deeply unprofessional, and it’s our contention that we completely understand why Marseille want to try before they buy.

We have nothing against them taking him on loan with obligation to buy on the condition he meets their criteria.

Look at what Rangers did for Aberdeen with Ross McCrorie – we gave them him on loan, because they can’t afford him right now, and they will purchase outright next summer. A big favour, and we hope our long-term haters are appreciative of that.

But McCrorie had no discipline issues.

If Rangers get a major sell-on clause, plus a massive transfer fee in the event of Morelos behaving himself and delivering at the Velodrome, that works for us.

If it’s a trial basis to prove he’s not the busted flush he currently is at Ibrox, it’s fine.

Obviously we’d rather sell outright and get him off our hands, but equally this is a good way of doing something similar.

Like we say, there’ll be a sell-on clause, plus obligation to buy.

As long as Rangers are happy with all the conditions, it works for us.

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  1. Just get him out soon as possible, selfish git. Far more trouble than he is worth. Still haven’t forgiven him for getting sent off a celtic. WATP.

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