Has Stevie gone back on ‘his word’ over players?

Has Stevie gone back on ‘his word’ over players?
Gone, and kind of kicked out while he's at it...

Steven Gerrard’s reveal about both Greg Docherty and Ross McCrorie raises our eyebrow, especially over the latter.

The Rangers manager has confirmed both will leave, which will come as a major shock to many fans who told us off a year ago for saying Ross McCrorie was done at Ibrox, and the manager has confirmed he was a future captain and would play a big role.

Indeed, Gerrard did say all this, that he earmarked McCrorie for a larger say at the club, but now it appears either that was some distance from the truth, as we suggested, or something majorly changed.

We like McCrorie, and we like Docherty – both players are hungry, young and Scottish, but there’s no question they’ve not been popular with this manager.

Gerrard insisted on signing anyone but them, playing anyone but them, and while he was positive about them as people and players, he made it clear neither of them had a future.

And we’re truly not sure why, even as squad players, Steven Gerrard has no interest in either Docherty or McCrorie.

We once believed the former was future captain, the manager claimed the latter would be, but here we are in August 2020 and neither of them are in his plans going forward and both will leave.

Gerrard confirmed neither of them will be allowed to go out on loan, in a reversal of Jurgen Klopp’s attitude over Ryan Kent and Harry Wilson back in the day, and they’re finished in Govan.

Shame – we thought both of them could do so much more.

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  1. Very sad to see both go. Don’t feel they have been given a fair crack.
    Remember, Docherty outperformed Aribo while playing for a much worse team. Aribo’s got promoted, Docherty kept Shrewsbury in the league. How can he not be worth a try?
    McCrorie has suffered by playing 3 different positions, so unable to concentrate on reaching the required level in one of them.
    I think both would benefit from a 12 month loan in SPL, where they can be judged against the teams Rangers play week in, week out.
    Against that, I am not the manager, SG is and I have faith in him, even if I don’t like the way favourites don’t get benched when out of form while others are hounded for one mistake(looking at you, Jones) or ignored(above, Murphy)
    So will sadly wish them all the best and hope they go on to prove SG wrong

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