£30M? Rangers hero’s value soars

£30M? Rangers hero’s value soars
Is it Borna?

Rangers’ star left back Borna Barisic’s value has hiked to nearly double following his world class performances of late.

There is no doubt now that Barisic is on a par with the very best imports the SPL has ever had since it formed in the early 00s, playing at a level which far exceeds the quality of this league and which makes him deeply lucrative to the club.

There is zero question the Croat international, a regular for the world cup finalists, a top assist provider in the Europa League and one of the best crossers of the ball in British football is up there with the best players the SPL has ever had, the Van Dijks, the Fergusons, the Dembeles and the Van Bronckhorsts.

In the modern era, these guys went for £8M to £20M, and Barisic, with a CV far in excess of any of them at the time of their sale, is easily into the £30M+ range.

His assist last night coupled with his goal, his return to form after a shaky early 2020 has seen the phrase ‘world class’ rightly used in association with him.

He is one of the best if not the best player the division currently has – we don’t see Edouard or Dembele playing for their countries, while Barisic is an established first choice, for the final hurdle France had to winning the world cup in 2018.

There’s no question the guy can go to the top of the game, and with the modern prices the way they are, he’ll smash the record if he is sold.

Of course, we’d rather keep him now – he’s in excellent form again and looking focused, but the reality is money talks.

But the bigger reality is, Rangers can get proper real value for him if any side does try to nab him.

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