Kyle Lafferty’s ‘nervous’ confession is very interesting for Rangers fans

Kyle Lafferty’s ‘nervous’ confession is very interesting for Rangers fans

Kyle Lafferty revealed quite a few things yesterday in his extensive chat with Open Goal’s Si Ferry, and he’s one we’ve had a soft spot on Ibrox Noise for for many many years.

He’s one of us, speaks from the heart, and while he’s made many questionable decisions in his life and career, one thing we can’t label him as is a liar.

So it was with interest we took in his comments. We’ve obviously covered some of the Steven Gerrard angle, mixed though it was, and we will admit his conceding the manager made him ‘nervous’ was a very curious confession to make.

He revealed that something inexplicable caused his performances to go down the tube and make him scared and anxious, hoping not to get the ball – and while many might argue that this is a major reflection on his own mental strength, well there are two angles to take on that too:

1: Yes, it is. It suggests he lacks the bottle to play for a club the size of Rangers and with a manager of the gravity of Steven Gerrard.

2: But this is a guy who excelled for Rangers the first time around under the legendary Walter Smith? A player who was less experienced first time around?

We found his comments here intriguing.

Ally McCoist once said, as assistant manager to then-boss Walter, that they’d been a little unfair on Lafferty given they’d been playing him out of position a lot of the time on the left wing. And Lafferty admitted he’s garbage on the left wing because he doesn’t want to be guilty of letting anything through on his side, so spends most of his time being defensive and is literally too tired to provide dangerous attacks at the other end.

And with Alfredo Morelos the number one choice under Gerrard, Lafferty found himself back out on the left when he did play alongside the Colombian, a position he was poor in and also added the low-confidence thing.

What could cause a player as experienced as he in international football, Champions League football, and having won multiple SPL titles plus experience in the PL and European football nervous to play in the SPL under Steven Gerrard?

Actually nervous?

How can he be lacking the bottle this time when under Walter Smith he was excellent?

It’s an interesting insight into what may or may not be going on under Steven Gerrard, for good or bad.

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