Reap what you sow? Major Scottish club faces extinction

Reap what you sow? Major Scottish club faces extinction

Dundee’s appalling decision to be bribed by the SPFL has come back to haunt them after they confirmed today they only sold a miserly 10% of the season tickets they expected to shift, and are in deep financial trouble after all the gold shiny promises made to them didn’t materialise.

The Dee expected glamour friendlies and reconstruction in exchange for their vote, but neither has happened, and fans have lost interest in their team. This has led to a half million pound loss and while we’re better than to actually experience schadenfreude at their plight, we can only state they only have themselves to blame.

They accepted the bribes, they accepted the negotiations in exchange for their vote, their vote to give Celtic the title, effectively.

And they sold their soul for those promised rewards – absolutely none of which has come close to manifesting themselves and now Dundee find themselves with a £500,000 hole after an estimated 500 season tickets were sold rather than the many thousands they need.

MD John Nelms today begged his fans to help the club, and all we can say is you reap what you sow.

Many claim Rangers did, and we sure paid the price (more than) for certain aspects of financial mismanagement.

But this – this is just a wee diddy club promised the earth by false prophets and now they’re rather doomed.

If Dundee don’t shift more tickets, either a bail out will be needed, or their club faces extinction. We’re not advocating the latter, but we will say this – be careful what you wish for.

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