Legal for some and not others – are Rangers hypocrites?

Legal for some and not others – are Rangers hypocrites?

After our piece yesterday on Thistle joining Hearts’ legal action we had some interesting responses, one of which questioned our hypocrisy after Rangers’ own motion was denied and our dossier rejected, despite our support on this site of Rangers’ actions.

We can see why some would get confused.

Let me make it clear – Rangers did NOT take legal action. We produced evidence and asked for a member vote, we didn’t go the legal route albeit we hinted it could be a possibility.

But Hearts and now Partick absolutely 100% are initiating that procedure, and we neither condemn nor condone it.

We simply call it for it is – selfish. And hypocritical, from both – both sides who strongly advocated community spirit and plead for assistance, are now both admitting ‘f*** it’ if everyone else is doing it we will too.

It’s true, Rangers have our own vested interests too, and if you can quote us anywhere saying Rangers’ actions were not selfish we’d be interested to hear it.

Of course they were – but we’ve been forced into a corner, and have been since 2012.

Now Hearts and Partick are in the same corner – events have conspired against them and they’re going to go to court to get their way.

And we don’t justify, condemn, or judge that.

We just point out that this latest shambles is further example of why our country’s sport is such an absolute shambles. A selfish unhelpful unhinged shambles.

Stranraer won’t be involved with this because no rich punter came forward to help them, and end of the day the SPFL’s insistence on ending this season is growing into one of the worst association decisions in world football history.

It will never end.

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