Another European shocker for the SPFL to be embarrassed by

Another European shocker for the SPFL to be embarrassed by

Yesterday threw yet more farce over the SPFL’s diabolical decision to call the season early.

What happened yesterday?

Bavarian giants Bayern Munich legitimately won the Bundesliga, following around a month of the German league’s resumption.

This weekend could also see Liverpool crowned PL champions for the first time since the late 80s.

But Celtic just HAD to be awarded the title with 8 matches still to be played.

What’s comical here is had the season resumed, here, in Holland and in France, all three leagues would have had a legitimate outcome mostly likely sooner rather than later.

It is possible Rangers could have turned the thing around, we’ll never know, but the chances are, based on 2020 form, that Celtic could have won.

But nothing was mathematically sealed, and it’s a farce to award anything based on chance.

As they did not in England, as they did not in Germany. And now both countries, while admittedly a muted celebration, will be able to genuinely award valid titles to teams who have earned them on the park.

Instead Celtic gleefully got ‘voted’ a title and posed with the bling with the biggest shameless grins, and with the biggest brass necks.

No, they could have played on, they could have resumed this weekend just like elsewhere, and they could have had no asterisk against 8.5IAR.

But no, they didn’t want to go the Germany and England route of playing the season out honestly.

How can they sleep at night…

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