Truth, lies, and Rangers’ bravery

Truth, lies, and Rangers’ bravery

For a good two or three weeks Rangers fans and our club have had to tolerate being smeared all over the press, social media and via word of mouth.

This club and our fans have been lambasted in a way we can barely remember even including 2012-, for the best part of a month, all as a result of our defiance that we were bullied/coerced/threatened et al and more importantly we’d demonstrate our evidence of unscrupulous via dossier.

The information contained inside showed clear and absolute intimidation, illustrated bullying, but then the SPFL vomited out their trashy pre-prepared statement, then rival fans began smearing the document as containing nothing.

Despite the fact it didn’t.

Rangers were brave, brave to stand by our guns, to stick by our original claims and assertions and not buckle under pressure.

That could be considered stubborn, especially if you’re wrong – we got something wrong on Ibrox Noise lately as many of you know and we stood down and accepted we’d made an error – but Rangers have not.

Rangers were bang on the mark, and our board nailed this one perfectly – and we certainly haven’t forgotten the smoking gun of the £10M BT and Sky liabilities which still threaten to incinerate the entire top flight.

But no, we got laughed at, mocked, insulted, smeared, attacked – but our club stuck by it, our sites like your very own Ibrox Noise stood by the club and its stance, and guess what?

More and more vindication by the day as a plethora of clubs, previously scared into silence, are now buoyed by Rangers’ bravery, and in particular Stewart Robertson and Douglas Park who we have to say have delivered magnificently during this period, and those clubs and groups are now speaking out with freedom.

As the Great Winston Churchill (may or may not have) said:

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

And Rangers have many.

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