SPFL clubs have just sent a big message to Doncaster

SPFL clubs have just sent a big message to Doncaster

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed Ibrox Noise took a day offline yesterday, amidst the latest chaos of the EGM vote.

Indeed, we were watching carefully and taking note of what transpired, and while there’s much to chew on, our immediate thought is less the outcome, and more the reaction to it.

The first thing we noticed was rival fans pre-empting Rangers’ response to the ‘defeat’ by smearing us again. That the first thing they were interested in wasn’t the result and what it might mean, but Rangers’ public response.

For what it’s worth, Rangers’ actual response was bang on, and we’re pretty sure these rival fans know it – and their anticipation and mockery indicated fear, and a potential oblivion of this Scottish game we know and used to love.

Make no mistake – around 12+ parties siding with Rangers giving us a 31% portion of the vote is stunning.

Nearly a third of ALL SPFL clubs wanted an independent enquiry, clubs, that is, who aren’t hiding anything and aren’t in the SPFL or Celtic’s back pockets.

That’s huge. That is a damning vote of no confidence. A couple of clubs, sure, a few, ok, even five would be fairly modest and not worth writing home about.

But 12? The effective size of the entire SPL demanded an independent vote?!

This is a massive slight on the SPFL.

This governance simply cannot go on. Forget your silly social media comparisons being made about how 31% in a general election result is not a victory – because that rival 69% did NOT reject something – they voted for another party. In this vote, 31% voted no confidence in the SPFL, and demanded a proper review.

That cannot be understated.

We will bring you more throughout the day, but rest assured that vote didn’t end anything, it was just the beginning.

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