Rangers get a shock ally in the fight v SPFL

Rangers get a shock ally in the fight v SPFL

As we’ve been chatting about, the EGM vote passed not without incident, but it was something which preceded the main event that could prove to be the most significant action of all.

Fans of Rangers know only too well our most bitterest hate-filled rivals are in fact not Celtic, but Aberdeen.

Celtic are historically our irritating foe, but while the rivalry has been toxic and poisonous for well over a hundred years, it’s actually Aberdeen who hate us with far more venom.

There’s something cerebrally nasty about the Dons, about their enjoyment of the Ibrox Disaster, of Simmy, of wanting to cut Ryan Jack’s head off – these are the people, legend has it, that sport Rangers crests in men’s urinals in their fine city, in order to p*** all over us.

They hate us.

So… when even ABERDEEN side with us over the SPFL vote and demand an independent review, that is probably the most powerful signal to date of the need for new governance.

Aberdeen are the type who’d not ‘p*** on us if we were on fire’, and yet they allied with us to vote yes to Rangers’ motion, the kind of club who’d normally cut their nose off to spite Rangers’ face.

But no, they are with us on this, they actually backed us.

That’s powerful beyond words, that two clubs who cannot stand each other even worse than Rangers and Celtic, agree and put their differences aside to share a platform.

If nothing indicates more the SPFL’s desperate need for an overhaul, it’s Aberdeen and Rangers on each other’s side.

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