New SPFL vote farce twist: league must be voided

New SPFL vote farce twist: league must be voided

The SPL was plunged into yet more patent farce following the latest twist which confirmed five clubs do not have enough players now to fulfil their fixtures, meaning no matter what, the league must be called.

This has thrown up all manner of cans of worms, as it has further invalidated the vote.

Let’s take you through the latest nonsense and how it fits in to the running narrative that is the SPFL joke vote.

The original vote, of course, was a yes or no vote to ending the season early. To calling it now. Unfortunately this latest development means the ‘no’ vote was now 100% invalid, because those who voted no could never have had their wish honoured in the first place.

Of course, we’re into May now, and a great number of player deals have expired this month, but those clubs lacking players as a result were obviously unable to replace them, meaning their season has to be halted regardless.

This utterly voids the season, 100%, meaning nothing can be declared and the campaign has to be binned.

In short, even if the vote had been a no overall, it would have been unable to be fulfilled due to player losses on the parts of at least five clubs, inferring the whole thing was an embarrassing waste of time (as if we didn’t already know).

Legally speaking, the season cannot be awarded to Celtic – and has to either be fulfilled later in the year or declared void.

So, what idiotic twist will surface next?

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