Dundee – humiliated and lied to…

Dundee – humiliated and lied to…

Just how must Dundee feel right now? Obviously, our sympathy with them is in short supply, but the Dee sold their souls to the devil in exchange for reconstruction which would have certainly benefited them and indeed frankly the vast majority of Scottish football, but not the SPFL or Celtic or indeed Aberdeen, so it was dumped.

Meaning Dundee’s switch of vote, bribed on the basis of those talks, has ended up being scammed out of them.

Is it really any different to lying to a little old lady that her life savings are needed for a miracle cure for her terminally ill grandson and then just taking those savings and saying sorry, we were wrong, the cure isn’t available after all?

It’s duping the vulnerable – as we said in this piece, Dundee hadn’t publicly made a case for or against, and they had much to lose – they were ready to vote no, and they were prime for manipulation.

And then they’ve given their part of the bargain, their yes vote, in exchange for the belief reconstruction talks would give them a promotion or at least a much healthier structured SPFL game.

And now the rug is pulled from under them – they wake up this morning in the same place they were weeks ago, only the difference is they’ve been duped.

It’s hard to be sympathetic, but equally we’ve never really condemned them either – we almost understood why they changed to a yes, and we didn’t totally blame them for doing that.

But here they are, lied to, deceived, and still a Championship team.

Que sera!

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