Doncaster in absolutely flabbergasting Rangers admission

Doncaster in absolutely flabbergasting Rangers admission

Beleaguered liar Neil Doncaster today took another step towards personal oblivion when he managed to dismiss Rangers’ offer of paying for an independent enquiry, citing it as a ‘waste of time’.

The SFPL CEO, who has been caught with his pants down about 14 times now and couldn’t be further out of his depth if someone poured a swimming pool over him, somehow managed to ‘justify’ the rejection of a free investigation on grounds of demanding football resumes as quickly as possible, following his own bizarre desperation to get it suspended and ended ASAP.

So, let’s just set this one straight out folks:

Rangers have offered to foot the bill for a completely independent enquiry, one run by an independent auditor, one agreed on by all the clubs and the SPFL, paid for by Rangers, not chosen by Rangers, and did we mention Rangers would pay?

But no, Doncaster rejects this because…?

Because it would expose the bloody truth that’s what, and he and others might even be looking at a court case.

And he calls it a ‘waste of time’… why? Exactly? A properly independent investigation funded by Rangers but not dictated or controlled by us?

Doncaster is literally the most embarrassing, arrogant, brass-necked fool we think we’ve ever seen in a heady position in Scottish football. Whether he’s operating for Celtic, whether he’s working for himself, his staggering obfuscation and blithering incompetence, repeated lies and comical bluster while hiding behind big words and formal-looking jargon all add up to give Scottish football no way out of this hellhole until he is gone.

Doncaster, your P45 awaits.

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