BBC’s latest absolutely flabbergasting attack on Rangers

BBC’s latest absolutely flabbergasting attack on Rangers

The BBC’s Tom English has joined the usual Rangers-bashing from Pacific Quay by attacking Rangers’ outcome and saying it’s the right one, while defending Hearts and saying their fate is injustice.

The controversial columnist, who in the true tradition of the BBC excels in bad football writing, was reviewing the season, and came up with this beauty:

“At some point in the very near future Celtic will lift the Premiership trophy again, their ninth in a row, while Rangers will raise an asterisk, the only thing that passes for a consolation prize at Ibrox after an expensive and fruitless attempt to stop the silver heading to the east end of Glasgow. At the other end, the trapdoor has now officially opened and Hearts have plunged through it. Their fall was unjust, an affront to fairness given that so many games were left to play.”

Where do we even begin with this nonsense?

The same decision that has led to two unjust outcomes, sees one defended vigorously by this writer, while the other is condemned.

It’s… a new level of preposterous which exceeds even that Rangers-despising McLaughlin character, because while his dislike is palpable, he’s just a reporter.

English is a columnist, and he’s supposed to be acute, analytical, and generally impartial. Of course, he is being paid for his opinion, but how can an opinion about the same decision differ based on the club?

Oh yes, when it’s Rangers.

So, when we’re cheated out of a title it’s fine, when Hearts are cheated out of staying up that’s an affront to justice.

Absolutely hilarious.

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