Hearts’ legal action could cost Rangers millions – developing

Hearts’ legal action could cost Rangers millions – developing

There’s been a lot of talk about Hearts and launching legal action over their relegation.

Remember, the Gorgie side are only a handful of points off Hamilton, and certainly could have turned it around, so owner Ann Budge is confirmed as looking at her options.

But crucially the reference over Hearts’ potential legal journey relates to Rangers in the Europa League (and Celtic in the Champions League) – and the fact there could be neither.

Word going around is that if any top flight side takes legal action over their governing body, that country is banned from all European competition for that season.

We don’t know exactly how true that is, and we admit we’re going slightly on heresay, but equally we do know that there are serious UEFA-regulated sanctions over ending the season early, if it is deemed the season could have continued.

Plus the complication of the fact Rangers are still technically in the Europa League. Which has NOT been called yet and may not be.

This ‘decision’ of the SPFL’s could in fact end up being far more damaging than football remaining suspended in this country is.

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