Deliberate and comical Rangers hypocrisy from well-known troll

Deliberate and comical Rangers hypocrisy from well-known  troll
This new Chris Sutton nonsense really is kind of weird. See, thing is, some of us at Ibrox Noise have known the man, even worked alongside him, and he is nothing like the troll he behaves in the media and on social platforms like Twitter. He is actually a pretty quiet and decent bloke who revels in a role he’s created for the public to consume.

However, the last thing we’re doing is to condone that poor conduct, and of course we have to look at his absolutely ridiculous comments from last night, clearly happily playing to Celtic’s galleries and underclasses, and attracting the predictable derision from pretty much everyone else.

For those who care:

“It would be nice to hear from a Rangers representative, player, or the supporters and for them to do the sporting thing and congratulate Celtic on being the best team once again and the 9 in a row…”

There’s no point in attacking the ‘integrity’ of his comments, because he said it full and well in the knowledge it was a troll to wind up Rangers fans.

Of course, the obvious rebuttal is twofold:

Firstly, his mockery of Steven Gerrard’s assertion about Rangers being so much better up till 86 minutes, with his addition of the claim football lasts 90 minutes not 86.

Secondly, his own ‘lying down’ comments in the early 00s.

Sutton does this for attention, he’s created a caricature of himself, a monster that is (fairly) well-paid by the BBC and BT Sport for creating a little bit of mischief – he brings in the social media shares, the attention, the viewers, the punters. He’s written a book as well and you can guarantee it’ll sell well among those who bought Craig Whyte’s effort.

Of course, sources close to BT confirm to us that pundits on Scottish football prime time get around £2K a match, so Mr Sutton is reasonably well remunerated for his time with them, albeit that deal is now over with BT’s departure from our game.

But the end of the day, the guy thrives on the oxygen of publicity, and last night’s comments just gave him more.

And, we guess, so did we.

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