Another public attack on Rangers – hypocrisy to the enth degree

Another public attack on Rangers – hypocrisy to the enth degree

Michael Stewart has today demanded an explanation from Newcastle after the Geordie giants were linked with a £53M move for Gareth Bale following the club’s controversial decision to furlough their staff.

The pundit, well-versed in being outspoken these days, asked how a club in financial difficulties, losing cash and having to seek government help to pay their staff can possibly be linked to a £53M deal for Bale.


Most Rangers fans will have grasped the grey area here.

We are of course referring to Stewart’s boring attack on Rangers this morning, in which the increasingly-irritating ex-Ibrox failure has demanded an explanation as to how Rangers can possibly afford Ianis Hagi given the present climate.

We didn’t recall his similar outcry when Newcastle were linked with a man 10x the value of the Romanian, despite furloughing staff (which, incidentally, is almost EXACTLY the same as deferring wages or in fact is a lot worse because our staff will still get their full pay direct from the club eventually) and having next-to-no income at present.

Stewart claims Rangers’ accounts show an £11M loss. So?

Quite frankly the guy is slowly turning into the Scottish Sutton, and we can confirm this is ironic because the two absolutely do not get on. In fact they can’t stand each other.

But his need for attention, his need to keep in the public eye by attacking Rangers every time is getting somewhat grating.

But we will always defend our club against its enemies, and he’s becoming one now.

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