An Ibrox Noise correction, but a small question remains…

An Ibrox Noise correction, but a small question remains…

We ran a story earlier on the information Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group appeared to be the holding company for Castore.

Mercifully, it appears this information was wrong, and we are never too proud to hold our hands up to getting it wrong and take it on the neck for doing so – thank you those who provided corrections and heads up on it, and those who abused us can do one.

But what DID inspire the Castore choice by the board?

Could it be the Gerrard connection again?

We can’t help wondering why a very small brand from Liverpool would be Rangers’ next partner if not for our legendary manager hailing from the same place.

We cannot help suspecting he had a big hand to play in this, and what was possibly in it for him?

Unless Gerrard personally has a stake in Castore, we’re not absolutely sure what moved Rangers to target a small and young brand from Liverpool rather than a more established name, but for us having one of the most famous sons of that city at our club.

Of course, it doesn’t actually matter as long as they produce, and deliver. The nightmare of the Hummel disaster cannot be repeated.

We’re sure Rangers’ board did proper diligence in this deal and have received guarantees Castore will be apply to supply the demand, which is set to be huge.

We just wonder exactly what made Rangers go with this company.


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