“Unhelpful” Rangers attacked again by haters

“Unhelpful” Rangers attacked again by haters

Michael Stewart is in the news again today ranting about Rangers’ ‘unhelpful’ behaviour in delaying the SPFL dossier.

The former Hibs and Hearts man is making a big name for himself ranting about Rangers’ conduct recently, but today’s latest spiel does miss a lot of marks and sounds notably anti-Rangers.

Let’s look at what he said:

“Rangers conduct for almost 4 weeks has been absolutely unacceptable. They called for an investigation “without delay” but have not presented any evidence. They also said other clubs had seen the evidence, if that is the case then they should’ve passed the info to SPFL board. They have now delayed showing the “dossier” to the 41 other clubs. Again this is simply unacceptable when you have called for the suspension of the CEO & legal advisor. This whole process has been unsightly & extremely unhelpful.”

“Investigation without delay”:

Yes, and it still hasn’t happened. You mean an independent one, right, Michael?

“Have not presented any evidence”:

To who? You? You’ve just admitted:

“Other clubs have seen the evidence”:

So we have presented the evidence? Which is it?

Also, since when did Michael Stewart esquire require Rangers’ evidence? He’s acting like it’s an affront to him personally. His opinion is a tad unimportant (but it’s vital we defend our club where we can hence this piece).

As for the missing the point we alluded to:

Rangers are NOT trying to curry favour with the SPFL, the protest is against them – they are not intending to present the group they oppose with evidence, because we know fine well the SPFL will ignore the content. Or sweep sweep.

An EGM is happening because Rangers want to maximum the damage of this dossier. By giving it to whoever can hurt the SPFL the most.

Whether that’s the other 41 clubs, the police, who knows.

But one thing is for sure – Stewart loves the attention!

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