2019’s disastrous signing is a big lesson for Steven Gerrard

2019’s disastrous signing is a big lesson for Steven Gerrard

In truth, not a lot has really been said about probably the worst signing of Steven Gerrard’s tenure as manager.

No, we’re not talking about Ovie Ejaria, Joe Worrall, Lassana Coulibaly, Andy King (remember him) or even Umar Sadiq (despite his going onto great things since leaving).

No, we’re talking about the absolutely horrific, knee-jerk, four-year signing of the utterly abysmal Brandon Barker, who could barely pass for a League Two player in England.

First off, the caveat:

We believed 100% Ryan Kent was a dead rubber, that we weren’t going to get him, that it was a loan or nothing.

So we understand why we went with a plan B. But Brandon Barker as that plan B?

Let’s remind you of the piece we did last summer on him. We didn’t completely destroy the kid, but we were wary at absolute best. And it’s fair to say Barker is just one of those players completely out of his depth at Ibrox and couldn’t believe his luck to get a four-year deal.

This was a stupid, dumb, naïve reactionary gamble which has left a player on our payroll who isn’t even good enough for a squad member – the only way to get rid is mutual consent because he’s got another three years.

His wages won’t be astronomical, true, but even at a rough guess of £8,000 a week it’s still £32,000 a month better used elsewhere.

We don’t want to be too harsh on the kid – he’s trying his best, but he’s considerably inferior to all 6 of the players we released two days ago but unlike them he’s got 36 months left on his deal.

If we want to move forward, not only must we avoid loan rubbish like Sheyi Ojo again, we must avoid mediocrity like Brandon Barker becoming permanent recruits as well.

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