Tug of war over Rangers forward

Tug of war over Rangers forward

With everything at a bit of a footballing standstill, the media have struggled in terms of Rangers transfer stories.

Usually such a veritable treasure trove of information for the masses, the summer window (or more) is certainly a tricky prospect at present – of course priorities are elsewhere right now, but it doesn’t mean we can’t distract ourselves with a spot of light entertainment.

But as we say, the transfer stories have been thin on the ground the past month or two, leaving the Scottish media to use one Rangers player more than most for stories and content:

Ianis Hagi.

Depending on who you read, he’s staying, leaving, urged to stay, urged to leave – the player himself appears to be going for four outcomes based on the source, but we do know for sure that Rangers committed to discussing signing him permanently.

Problem was that was before the crisis hit, and the rules (and finances) changed somewhat.

The latest we’ve heard is Italian giants Lazio are still looking at him, with a former Lazio and Man City forward urging the Romans to make a move for him, while Felice Mazzu, ex Genk manager, wants the Belgians to in fact retain the Romanian.

Of course, not their choice, but then Rangers have to have the cash.

And that’s an issue now.

Rangers’ income is currently miniscule, relying on limited merchandise operations, digital income and very little else, so nearly £5M in a couple of months is a tall order.

Fans are also extremely wary of spending that much after the last time we spent big.

But either way, Rangers’ on-loan forward is giving us all something to talk about during these difficult times.

That at least is positive.

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