Has Ryan Jack hinted at big Gerrard change at Ibrox?

Has Ryan Jack hinted at big Gerrard change at Ibrox?

Ryan Jack today admitted he’s taken aback by some of the things his manager says about him, which makes us wonder if Steven Gerrard is considering a new captain.

Jack has been a contender for the armband for a long long time and frankly despite many people’s misgivings on James Tavernier as the current captain, it might be a positive move to ‘give someone else a shot’ at it regardless.

But Jack is an especially strong candidate full stop, and his manager hasn’t exactly been flattering about his existing choice in recent months, so we wonder if Gerrard might be thinking about making Jack the leader.

Many have argued having the armband has affected Tavernier’s form, because he’s expected to lead – something he just cannot do. When he was underneath Lee Wallace there was a feeling he was a little freer to play more.

But with the responsibility on him, not so much.

So perhaps Jack’s remarks today allude to a possible change in the future by Gerrard.

Packaged as a chance to ‘freshen things up’ rather than a smear of Tavernier.

Let Tav go back to playing football and give Jack the captaincy.

We do think it’s a matter of time before that happens anyway.

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