A Ryan Kent lesson for Rangers

A Ryan Kent lesson for Rangers

Sheyi Ojo. Ovie Ejaria. Ryan Kent. Lassana Coulibaly. Umar Sadiq. Joe Worrall.

There’s a lesson in there, a big one, and it’s certainly time Steven Gerrard listened to it. One no predecessor did and Stevie’s track record hasn’t been good either, including Kent – see where we’re going yet?

Stop loaning out young players from UK and European clubs because quite simply it never works.

Kent was magnificent on occasion last season, but not worth the £7.5M and he hasn’t been good this campaign at all.

Rangers cannot be a lab for other clubs’ unwanted chafe, a place where we rear these players in our first team and usually dilute the quality of our squad badly as a result.

None of the quoted players at the top of this piece, arguably including Kent overall, have worked at Ibrox and some have been downright ghastly.

And this is a pattern which precedes Gerrard. In the past 8+ years, not a single sub-23-year old loanee has been a genuine success. The only two loans to have worked out are Davis and Defoe. And they are quite, quite different. We’d like to include Declan John but Gerrard dumped him quick.

Gary Mac once had the brass neck to allege we used the loan market well.

We have to sadly disagree. It’s time for Rangers to dump the borrowing of mediocre kids and use our own talented youngsters instead.

Especially from Liverpool…

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