Training ground bust up – truth revealed?

Training ground bust up – truth revealed?

They say ‘the truth will come out’ and it does eventually and no one usually cares by then, but what the hell, we’ve got limited content to discuss these days so we’ll bring you what we have, and we now finally know properly what led to the training ground bust up between former manager Mark Warburton and player Joey Barton.

Barton has revealed today that he and the Bread Man just didn’t get on, but one incident sealed their fate categorically, and it was the misguided attempts by the ex-boss to bring in Joleon Lescott.

Barton said:

“They were asking me about a number of players. They were trying to sign Lescott just before I left. I said, ‘don’t sign him. His knees are like dust’. I knew people who worked with him and as it turned out it was a nightmare. He was the signing that I think me and Warbs mainly had our final disagreement with and realised we wouldn’t see eye to eye.”

So, while that might not have been the exact incident on the training field that day, it was the nail in the coffin of the two having any kind of working relationship, and they were just waiting after that to have a fight.

In truth, we have no clue why Warburton signed Barton, and Barton was clearly in the right over Lescott, which gives some idea of how poor a manager for Rangers in the SPL the former City trader actually was.

That a broken down old tank like Lescott was a serious target gives a big indication.

Still, you gotta laugh, right?

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