“The SPL is going to die”

“The SPL is going to die”

Scottish football’s brewing civil war took one step closer to realising itself today amidst claims by SPFL CEO Neil Doncaster that this situation is threatening the existence of the game north of the border.

A number of points arise as a result of this claim.

1: He’s absolutely right.

2: He’s more worried about his own job.

3: And?

Frankly, aside our few small allies in this nation of corrupt running and football lies, we genuinely don’t care if the game here collapses.

Sorry, but we don’t.

Rangers (and sadly Celtic) are too big a brand to be unable to start again in lower league English football, and any league would want these clubs for the unreal revenue they bring in.

Look how the lower divisions in Scotland thrived with the blue pound all those years ago – lower league clubs in England would kill for those numbers.

It would mean the second Journey in 10 years, but frankly the game in this country is broken beyond repair, and we’ve stopped caring about it.

We don’t even care about the majority of those staff in this country who’d lose jobs, because most of them are Rangers haters and Celtic apologists. For those neutral, fair, and decent, we certainly care about them, but they are the deep minority now.

This country is not Rangers’ friend, few here are, and we can’t apologise for not giving a flying fling if this country’s game folds entirely.

Not even sorry.

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