Doncaster rank and file anti-Rangers hypocrisy utterly blatant

Doncaster rank and file anti-Rangers hypocrisy utterly blatant

One of our regulars made a very salient point today, inspiring this article. Long-running contributor Joe90 observed that despite at least three clubs protesting the vote and inferring legal action, only Rangers are being blamed and targeted.

As we pointed out earlier today, we’re kind of done with this country, so the utterly anti-Rangers biased nonsense is no surprise, but nevertheless Joe’s observation is bang on.

At least Hearts and Stranraer also vividly and vocally oppose this, but how many anti-Hearts headlines are we seeing in the press attacking Ann Budge?

Almost none, and that’s us being generous.

No, once again it’s the big bad Ranjurs who get it in the neck, because we’re the easy big target that it’s easy to hate.

We don’t care, incidentally, we’re just pointing out the blatant hypocrisy and just how little you can amusedly trust the criticism the likes of Doncaster pile our way when Hearts and others are equally as unhappy.

True, we ‘have evidence’ and we’re ready to expose it, where none of the other clubs said that, but Budge was very clear about accusing the SPFL of corruption – and yet where are all the headlines smearing her or Doncaster’s moralising about her claims?

A bit quiet, we think, no?

Well, obviously.

It’s not Rangers.

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