Stevie G could make a massive decision this summer

Stevie G could make a massive decision this summer

As we know we probably face around three months at least of uncertainty before we might be looking at a chance of resuming football, but that gives Steven Gerrard three months to make a very big decision:

Rip it up and start again.

Now, this isn’t us saying restart the machine and sell all the squad, far from it. There’s plenty of good quality players in there, even if they haven’t shown it so much this calendar year.

No, this is us implying it’s time for Gerrard to mull over what’s gone wrong since January, and consider the very real possibility of ripping up his existing systems and starting again with new ones when the action gets back underway.

Now, you’re all probably asking me to put faith in the manager and let him get on with it.

Well, may I remind you all of last April – when the split in Gerrard’s maiden season was approaching underway, the system was certainly altered.

Scott Arfield was put wide right, Steven Davis sat defensive midfield and Niko Katic was back in place alongside Connor Goldson.

The system was definitely changed – and guess what, that remains, to this day, the best form Gerrard’s Rangers have shown consistently over a six-match period. The only blot was the Killie loss in the seventh and final match, but half the team wasn’t available that day.

Many might argue about December being sensational, and it was, but it also contained a draw or two both domestically and in Europe.

Our point?

Changing things does work – Gerrard himself has precedent for it, and he showed it last season.

Because it’s evident what he was doing from January till the shutdown wasn’t working – the players weren’t delivering and a change was clearly needed.

Over these next three months, while football isn’t the top priority, nevertheless we’ll all have a tonne of thinking time to do and Stevie would do well to consider really overhauling things when we do come back.

Never know, the league might not be gone after all…

Should Stevie ‘rip it up and start again’?

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