Meltdown at Hampden as SPFL ‘collapse’

Meltdown at Hampden as SPFL ‘collapse’
So as we now know, the SPFL are on the verge of giving the title to Celtic.

An upcoming vote by SPL clubs is being set to ask them to accept the outcome of the league as it presently stands, and will give lower league clubs payments as an incentive.

If the clubs cannot agree on this, the SPFL will say **** it and do it anyway.

To suggest this is beyond farcical… is absolutely no surprise with regards the incompetence of our game and the dreadful governance of it.

To borderline bribe clubs by giving payments to struggling clubs with a vote securing the end of the league is utterly shambolic and completely corrupt.

Hampden is a mess, the SPFL is a mess, and when we proposed the three outcomes for this season, we naturally didn’t take into account the incompetency of the SPFL in finding a fourth.

Even better, they haven’t even decided yet that the matches can’t be played, and haven’t even considered an extension.

Quite honestly, we’ve no idea what goes on in the minds of those in power, because the farce that is this vote, decision and direction is completely chaotic.

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