Scandal as bribery and corruption allegations deepen at SPFL

Scandal as bribery and corruption allegations deepen at SPFL

The bribery scandal hitting Scottish football has taken another twist with allegations that the SPFL asked not only Airdrie to review their vote, but Falkirk too.

Both, having voted against the SPFL’s motion which would see existing relegation and top table sides complete the season prematurely in their present position, were allegedly requested by the top brass in the league to change their vote in favour of the motion, which would have been part of the process of seeing Celtic crowned champions and Hearts relegated.

The whole story has become deeply sordid, mired in political dirge, intrigue, subterfuge and all manner of twists as the tale plummets further into moral decay we start to see a climate of corruption and deceit exposing itself, all in aid of Celtic being crowned champions.

The problem, of course, is that the deeply-entrenched influence Celtic have at the top of the country’s game and authorities cannot be reconciled with a democratic vote.

Instead of the SPFL being able to just award Celtic the title, it has to go a vote, legally speaking, and in order to get around that little obstacle Celtic and their influence in the SPFL appear to have attempted to manually rig the results by pressuring various clubs into a particular outcome.

And it hasn’t worked.

It is all now coming out in the open, the extent of this culture of bullying, intimidation and targeting, and we are going to see a great deal more as this saga unfolds further.

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