The real threat to Scottish football is itself

The real threat to Scottish football is itself

We saw a very funny post shared from social networks today, and as much as the amusement factor was high, its topicality was superb and it nailed the point brilliantly.

A gentleman had posted something along the lines of this:

“I can’t wait to be awarded the Europa League trophy this season. After all, the criteria is only about who won the most matches in the tournament, right?”

For those in doubt, Rangers have won the most games this season by way of the qualifiers etc, so by the SPFL’s twisted warped logic, Rangers are due to be crowned UEL winners by default.

Of course it’s silly, we know, we’re just making the point of how utterly absurd this vote process actually is – it’s not like the PL, where Liverpool are inches off winning the title and have been by a gulf the best team in the division, and ‘deserve’ to win.

And even there, of course, nothing has just been awarded to them, no vote carried out, and the EFL and FA and PL are trying to find the best outcome.

No, it’s up here in this crazy nuthouse that is Scotland, where Rangers up till late January remained legit title contenders, where the incompetency lies and the logic is AWOL.

We don’t want to keep on banging on about this topic, but the game north of the border is at a dangerous cliff right now – its very future hangs in the balance, and it’s not even due to the global crisis of present.

The main danger to the Scottish game is at the hands of those who ‘run’ it.

They, incredibly, are a bigger threat to us than anything else.

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