Celtic fans respond to allegations with incredible comments

Celtic fans respond to allegations with incredible comments

Celtic’s alleged corruption in the Scottish game is being exposed, with all forms of accusation about the conduct of the Parkhead side within the context of the SPL coming out, accusations that the likes of Lawwell et al would have wanted kept quiet.

But the most telling part of the response to these disturbing developments is Celtic fans’ brass neck defence of them, and the fact they dismiss them.

In fact, according to the fans, these accusations are irrelevant because ‘we would have won the league anyway’.

Their defence to their club being potentially corrupt and influencing a democratic vote illegally is it doesn’t matter because they’d have won.

It is an astonishing brass neck to take from a fanbase who gave Rangers fans abuse in 2012 over allegations about us and have continued to this day.

Their response when faced with dreadful allegations of a criminal basis – ‘it doesn’t matter’.

We have to laugh, or at least we would if it wasn’t so serious – but it really is. It’s the right of justice in this country to be realised, to be given the full rate of due diligence.

But when it’s Celtic, it seems their fans reject any wrongdoing on grounds of ‘it doesn’t matter’.

Those in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones, lads.

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