Rangers Quiz – can you name the Americans?

Rangers Quiz – can you name the Americans?

Rangers have had quite a few American players over the years, and Ibrox Noise is going to put you to the test.

No Googling.

The rule is simple.

Based on the date of signing and one clue, name the American who joined the Famous.

3 points per answer.

1: 30th June 2007.

Played 126 times for USA.

2: 7th January 2017

Also spent time at another SPL side.

3: 30th June 1999.

Rather insulted Rangers when he left.

4: 23rd August 2015.

Was listed in the top 10 Daily Mail list of promising youngsters globally.

5: 16th August 2011.

Winger joined Rangers along with a countryman. Bonus point for the countryman.

Can you get the full 16 points?

Answers this time tomorrow.

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