Police Scotland – SPFL allegations

Police Scotland – SPFL allegations

As everyone and their dog knows, the SPFL vote was beyond farce and ended up making our league look utterly ridiculous.

However, with some of the allegations and revelations that have emerged over the piece, and some of the tone being used, there were claims in the press that the police got involved such were the depths the game was plummeting to.

The story went that so many clubs were unhappy with how the vote was handled and carried out, that there were strong suggestions the police would be called in to investigate possible breaks of the law.

Of course, the SPFL and SFA are not above the laws of the land, and are as answerable to PC Plod as the rest of us, and there’s a definite feeling that certain members of both groups would absolutely not want the fuzz poking around putting their noses where they’re definitely not ‘meant’ for.

Do they have something to hide? Probably.

With the vote now ‘resolved’, due process in getting there certainly was not followed, and it was publicly confirmed, or as good as, that Dundee were being bribed to vote in favour of the SPFL’s motion.

We certainly imagine Police Scotland could have a field day with this if they did indeed look into it.

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