Rangers man ‘doesn’t deny’ Morelos will leave

Rangers man ‘doesn’t deny’ Morelos will leave

Jermain Defoe has become the first Rangers player or staff member to publicly humour the notion of Alfredo Morelos leaving, after the former England striker talked up the Colombian’s qualities and suggested he’ll thrive ‘in the right team’.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Defoe was surprisingly forthcoming with Morelos leaving Ibrox, and said he’ll do well elsewhere.

He said:

“I feel like he would need to be in the right team – a team that creates chances because I believe that if he gets chances at any level I believe he can score. He has got that arrogance that he believes that he can score in every game. I believe that in the right team, if you create chances for him, he will score.”

It’s a unexpected development, and does suggest the club is very much planning for life without Morelos, and this is the first time someone in an official has addressed the topic and seemingly not claimed the hitman isn’t for sale.

In truth, we’ve ran a lot of polls and gained much fan opinion over the past four months about Morelos, and while around December he curried favour and was toast of the support, it’s faded drastically since then in concert with his apparent loss of interest and tangible loss of form.

So we know the support seems ok now with selling at a good price.

And Defoe becomes the first figure at the club to loosely echo those sentiments.

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