New Balance and Puma at Ibrox?

New Balance and Puma at Ibrox?

As we all know Hummel and Rangers’ contract is done, and the Danes are no longer part of anything at Ibrox.

Which leads us to next season, whenever it may start, and the new manufacturer.

Regular Robert Miller kindly asked us (4 times and counting ;)) if we could cover this topic, and sure, what the hell, we like to listen to our readers.

From what we’ve heard so far, the two strongest contenders as new kit partner are former Celtic makers New Balance, and German giants Puma. There have been mischievous rumours as well about modest Italians Macron but we think we can lay those to bed.

Nothing is yet sealed yet, nor will it soon as we fight and recover from the present crisis, but work has continued behind the scenes to try to negotiate our way to the future. As much as everything is at a halt, it isn’t absolutely, as communication and agreements can still take place, even if paperwork cannot be signed in person.

And as such the Americans and the Germans seem to be the strongest routes towards the new kits, but Lord knows when manufacturing would even start – this year is already a long shot given just how slow things will be to get going when the immediate situation finally calms down enough.

But, you never know. Things do and have changed quickly, so maybe we’ll have a deal in place soon.

Whether it matches the value of the one over the city is another matter.

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