‘Insane’ solution to season-ending SPL problem?

‘Insane’ solution to season-ending SPL problem?

This one is a bit more ‘out there’ (even more so) than our usual entries, but we wanted to cover it anyway as a very slim suggestion to the SPFL.

One of our readers pointed out New Zealand have pretty much beaten the dire situation already and only have a comparative handful of cases still left, which means it’s one of the few English-speaking nations not too badly under the burden.

The point?

Why not fly our players out to NZ, make them go through the obligatory two week ‘waiting’ time, then play out the Scottish season Down Under?

Whether it’s closed doors down there or not, live football on global TV would be utterly lucrative for all teams involved, and would let us see out the season legitimately.

Obviously it’s logistically difficult at best, and a bit of an administrative nightmare, but it would be a solution of sorts, we suppose?

We’re not sure, we’re just putting things out there – it’s not the worst idea ever, and certainly isn’t any dumber than the one our glorious governing bodies have come up with.

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