Rangers ready for dogfight with SPFL

Rangers ready for dogfight with SPFL

With the absolute farce vote devised from the annals of Hampden now collapsing in disarray and chaos, Rangers’ statements on the proceedings from the start have been consistent, to the point, and clear that this club will not accept the developments lying down.

First of all the initial proposals were regarded as ‘abhorrent’, then the more recent statement explained that Rangers’ own suggestions, as a member of the SPFL, have been dismissed on weak technicalities which were not explained prior, wasting time and probably costing money.

It’s safe to say Rangers are standing up for themselves, the fans, and frankly what is right – this whole judgement is shambolic, with a vote that can’t even hold its own, a fragmented membership and even accusations in there of bullying and bribery.

We often disagree on our club’s actions, sometimes we have reason to be concerned – but its approach over this is pretty much spot on.

This whole process is flawed, unfair and unhinged, and if the SPFL are not only going to proceed with it but ignore member clubs’ legitimate concerns, it only holds them in contempt and clearly not fit for purpose.

We have no way of predicting how this sorry story will develop, but we can’t imagine an award of the title to Celtic will be accepted at Ibrox, and it’s clearly going to end in the courts if it goes that way.

And frankly it’s a strong case.

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