Did UEFA make colossal Rangers blunder?

Did UEFA make colossal Rangers blunder?

Recent links between the Champions League clash with Liverpool at Anfield v Atletico just prior to the government lockdown have suggested that was held mistakenly, and could have caused an extensive level of damage regarding the present crisis in that city during these difficult times.

But of course, this theory forgets the day afterwards, just as many were at Ibrox for Rangers v Bayer and could have caused similar struggles.

We did wonder, as much as we enjoyed the idea of watching the Famous, why the two matches were going ahead, both being potentially detonation central for such an affliction with around 100,000 people close to each other for at least 105 minutes.

It was a strange one, as the Old Firm was originally proposed as closed-door, yet the Europa League match got held as normal in a bustling metropolis like Glasgow?

Was this, like Liverpool Atleti, a huge blunder by both Liverpool and Glasgow council, and of course UEFA themselves?

The links are not 100% certain yet, but the theory is building in the scientific and medical community and maybe more care should have been taken last month.

Lessons must be learned and we hope they are.

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