Big European calls put SPFL under major pressure

Big European calls put SPFL under major pressure

As we know tonight, the Dutch Eredivisie officially cancelled this season’s competition, with a neck-and-neck competition still unfolding at the top.

Meanwhile, Germany’s Bundesliga are fully working towards a stunning resumption of football next month, due to the country’s efficient handling of the situation and fairly low mortality rate.

The question is where do these decisions and outcomes leave the SPFL.

Forget the vote, it was an absolute farce – where do Holland and Germany’s current choices leave Scotland, and how does it affect Rangers?

Bear in mind, UEFA’s position is to complete all football, and that includes Holland – the Eredivisie’s call, which wasn’t held to a vote, is domestic only, has to be ratified by Europe’s governing body – like Scotland, they can only declare this nationally, and have to wait for UEFA to agree, vote or not.

And Alkmaar, who were neck and neck with Ajax, are deeply against this outcome and are, like Rangers, protesting it.

So what position does this leave the SPFL?

Well it further undermines the idiotic vote – Holland didn’t hold a vote, but did have a conference call with all affected clubs, and came to this outcome between each other.

Meanwhile the incompetent SPFL held a ballot and ignored the result anyway.

However, over in Germany they’re still trying to finish the season.

It shows just how poor the SPFL’s decision-making has been the past few weeks, that other countries chat among themselves and make a call, or even try to play on with a structured plan.

The SPFL only have themselves to blame for this fiasco.

It could have been handled much better, and you only have to look at Holland and Germany to see countries trying to do the right thing here.

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