The million pound problem for Steven Gerrard

The million pound problem for Steven Gerrard

An Ibrox Noise regular recently put this one to us, and so this is technically a request, but it’s an interesting one in terms of what comes next.

Since Steven Gerrard arrived in May 2018, Rangers have spent around £25M on transfer fees.

Every summer since promotion excluding the maiden one back in the SPL, Rangers have spent around £12M on players – 2017, 2018, 2019.

Each year has seen strong spending if not lavish – certainly spending which exalts us way above the Aberdeens and Motherwells of this world, and has closed us in more on Celtic, but still hasn’t been able to match their spending power.

So the question we were asked is simple:

How much do we need to spend?

Obviously the rules MAY change come this summer depending on what happens with other events in the world, but if hypothetically it remains as is, and we need to invest in the squad again in the summer, what number would you put on that?

We know £12M a summer hasn’t been enough – it only really got us two or three players last summer, with the rest being frees or low-cost.

Or is it enough in an accumulation sense?

What figure would you say is enough to catch/overtake Celtic?

How much do Rangers need to spend?

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