There’s a big lie circulating about Steven Gerrard

There’s a big lie circulating about Steven Gerrard

There’s a lie circulating about Steven Gerrard at present, and it’s designed by Celtic fans to undermine the manager and attack him even more.

We at Ibrox Noise do have our doubts about Stevie, as we’re sure a few do at present, but we will not tolerate outright lies being told about the manager and we’re here to set the record straight.

In short, there’s a pic doing the rounds claiming Stevie’s win percentage is the worst of all managers since Walter Smith.

We can confirm, 100%, this is a lie, and in fact it is the best.

He has played 65 league matches and won 43: 66%.

Graeme Murty played 28 won 16 = 57%

Pedro played 20 league matches and won 11 = 55%

Warburton played 24 SPL matches (Championship is irrelevant) and won 12 = 50%.

While Rangers are in a sticky spell and current form is a problem, do not listen to timothy who is lying out of his backside in order to create doubt and further Rangers’ fans’ worries.

We do have concerns, certainly, and form is horrible.

But we’d rather stick to the hard facts please.


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