Mystery over Rangers attacker only deepens

Mystery over Rangers attacker only deepens

We must admit bewilderment at the whole Jake Hastie situation.

As regulars to the site will know, we never endorsed the signing of Hastie, rating David Turnbull way higher and suggesting a move for him instead. We know how that one worked out, but Hastie ended up at Ibrox, then immediately out at Rotherham.

The winger had a fast start down south, faded, then disappeared from their team, before our management recalled him to give him a second chance at Ibrox and precious minutes.

And Jake Hastie hasn’t been seen since, bar the occasional performance in the reserves.

We’re honestly baffled as to why we signed this kid, so ardently so that we actually went to a tribunal in haggling over the fee – before proceeding to bin him completely down south.

Before recalling him and binning him again.

This one has us utterly perplexed. True, it’s not the first time we’ve been a little confused by the management of certain players – Matt Polster, Greg Docherty and Jordan Jones are just three we were lost by, but this particular one has the player bafflingly signed in the first place when evidently not good enough, being loaned out, being recalled for game time, but being dumped again to our reserves.

If anyone else can see a coherent strategy behind the management of Jake Hastie, we’d love to hear it.

Answers on an SAE.

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